Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Artistic Thoughs For Self Awareness

Current Oil Painting Project
I have currently set forth the following goal: To fully master the concept of value, composition, form, volume, and focal points, with out the use of color.

For me, at this time, color does not belong in a painting;it is simply a tool. It is the physical characteristics of the paint, when used correctly in its simplestform that can create the illusion of an object. It is also important to separate the focal point from thecomposition within the painting. Try and create two distinctively different logical layers within the finalproduct. The composition is intended to balance the objects within the painting, but the focal point of thepainting, not the composition, should direct the viewer's eyes. That is correct, we do have two focal pointsto think of: one within the composition and the other within the painting - two different things to enrich theviewer's subconscious and conscious levels. Color is only added as a tool to channel the viewer's eyes towardthe painting's focal point.

Once a body of work is created for this goal, I intend to publish it on-line and attend fairs throughoutthe United States.

You can view my portfolio(s), statement, biography, and resume

Recent Artistic Success
Success is a relative term. I view success as setting a goal and reaching it.

In terms of my painting style, I set a goal and through a couple of finished paintings I review the body ofwork to see if that goal has been reached in each painting. If the body of work reflects the goal and is consistentthroughout the later paintings, then I view this as success. I have reached a goal and mastered it.

As far as financial success, I have sold several drawings and paintings, but it is not the financial rewardthat drives me.

Special Artistic Expertise
Although my art career has spanned over 20 years, I have not had traditional commercial success as a result tomy interests and motive.

In the beginning I copied paintings of the impressionists only to have one teacher ask me a life-changing question.Why are you trying so hard to master a 100 plus year old style, was the question. This question made me realize theimportance of art history. It is only through studyingthe history of painting, and understanding what goals were set forth for each style by each artist, that a studentartist can break away from the pack and truly challenge oneself in a new direction.

It is the avant-garde, the innovative ideas and techniques that motivate me to fully understand what one can do withthe basics of oil painting. In the end, it is the innovative ones that are remembered and immortalized. Allothers take second place. The cost of this path and dedication turns majority of the artists off and they fall into thecommercial success formula that currently works today.

Most collectors invest in styles and ideas that fall within a well-known formula of success to minimize their return oninvestment. Very few target the high-risk artists were the return on investment is high - resulting in delaying thecollector's financial gratification.

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